I wrote my first screenplay when I was fifteen. And somehow I even managed to get someone at Amblin Entertainment to read it.

Amblin LetterAnd soon after, I took the time to actually learn how to write a screenplay.

I majored in both Film and Television at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. I took several production assistant jobs outside of college while continuing to write.  Off a Star Trek spec script, I was invited to pitch story ideas to the show.

I obtained my first professional writing credit on a show called “In a Heartbeat” for the Disney Channel. I was later hired by a production company to write a couple of television pilots (“Club Fed” and “Funny Gyrrls.”)  Outside of pitching to networks such as NBC and Syfy, I’ve written for the show “Survivor: Cook Islands” and worked on a few game shows – “Temptation” and “Boom” for Fox and “Million Second Quiz” for NBC.

I’ve also spent many years in post production in different capacities while at the same time writing, pitching and juggling new material as well as working on many side media projects, one of which is running the website knowitalljoe.com.

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